Upgrades and Updates


As we improve Glass Eye 2000 with feature enhancements and bug fixes, we will make free software updates available for as long as you own the product. If we introduce a version of Glass Eye 2000 with a substantial increase in functionality, or that contains updates to our pattern or glass libraries, or that runs on a new operating system, we reserve the right to charge a fee.

The current shipping version of Glass Eye 2000 is 3.1, released with a glass library update on December 30, 2014. (For the Enterprise Edition, the latest is v3.3.) To update your installed version of Glass Eye 2000 use the "Do I Have the Latest Version?" command on the Help menu. Alternatively, visit our Do I Have the Latest Version? page.

You can also have the latest version shipped to you on CD.

A version history is available if you wish to see the improvements we've introduced. You might also be interested in our User's Guide supplement for recent software improvements only.

In order to upgrade a licensed copy of Glass Eye 2000, you must first be running version 2.0 or higher. After installing the free update as described above, select "Upgrade Glass Eye 2000" from the Glass Eye 2000 Registration menu to initiate your upgrade purchase. Your upgrade price depends on the edition you currently have and the edition you wish to buy.

"Glass Eye 2000" is a name we will keep for a long time. Think of it as "stained glass design for the new millennium." Changing a product name every year would be difficult, so we do not plan to have a product named, for example, "Glass Eye 2017."