• Address

    Dragonfly Software
    1158 North Fairview Avenue
    Goleta CA 93117-1819
  • Email

    Please send sales inquiries to salse@fdly.moc lases@dfyl.com .

    Before writing to us for technical support, please read our answers to frequently-asked questions. Also, when possible, verify that you are running v3.1 of Glass Eye 2000 before requesting assistance. If you continue to have difficulties, please email technical support at suptrop@fdly.moc pusport@dfyl.com .

  • Telephone

    8ab3c1d-438-3e200 · voice
    8ab8c8d-463-8e817 · fax

    Support available by telephone Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Time.
    As a small organization, we cannot always answer your call immediately.
    We respond promptly to inquiries sent by email.