Patterns for Sale

Dragonfly Software has partnered with talented artisans to bring you several collections of stained glass patterns for use within Glass Eye 2000.

Traditionally, stained glass artists have offered patterns for sale in book form. Now with these collections of Glass Eye 2000 patterns you'll be able to pick custom colors, number the pieces, and print to any size versatility not available for patterns in books. No more projecting onto the wall, no more running out to the copy center. With these patterns you can do it all easily from your home or studio.

Each pattern CD contains a free trial version of Glass Eye 2000 — all you need to be able to recolor, resize, and print the patterns. If you choose to purchase Glass Eye 2000 you'll also be able to draw your own designs, but you do not need to purchase Glass Eye 2000 to use the patterns in these collections.