Dragonfly Software has thousands of customers in over 60 countries. Here's what some of them are saying about Glass Eye 2000.

“I've been using Glass Eye software since its first release and wouldn't consider using any other software designing program. I use it almost daily everything from the original design proposal all the way through costing and printout of the final cartoon. It's a wonderful product which only improves with each release. I recommend it every chance I get.”

Christie Wood of Art Glass Ensembles in Denton, Texas

“Buying Glass Eye 2000 Professional Edition was the best business decision we ever made. We have been using the software for around ten years and it not only helps us draw our glass designs accurately and quickly, it can also become an archive of past works so if a customer requires additions later on, we know exactly how it was made originally. We also use Glass Eye 2000 to create all of the images for our website.

“Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we upload a proof of the client's work to our website so the client can approve the design before manufacture. This way the customer knows exactly how the design will look before installation day arrives.

“I would not consider even taking time to look for another glass designing system. Glass Eye 2000 has everything we need and it is very reasonably priced.”

Francis Leadbitter of Leadbitter Glass in Northamptonshire, England

“I recently purchased your Professional Edition and haven't stopped drawing since! I am not a "computer person" as such, just an "end user" and was slightly apprehensive of this new program. I also own Corel Draw, which has gathered dust since its purchase. Glass Eye 2000 FAR outdoes ANYTHING I have used to date. Just wanted you guys to know. Thanks a bunch for a GREAT product!”

Sheila Magnuson of Magnuson Art and Glass in Lowry, Minnesota

“I've had your program now for about six months and it is wonderful! Not only do I use it for my stained glass business, but I also have started using it to design my quilt blocks and draw up our retirement house plans. It works just great for both applications. Once I got into Glass Eye 2000, no other software gave me so much versatility. I quit using all of my other graphics programs and now Glass Eye 2000 is the one I use for everything. It's amazing. You guys did a great job in designing this software and making it so user friendly! Thank you!!!”

Jo Kobler of White Iris Restoration and Stained Glass in Madison, Wisconsin

“Kudos Dragonfly Software! What a wonderful design package. I am so pleased that I decided to give Glass Eye 2000 a try. You have created the perfect "artisan friendly" CAD program, you could have easily named it "Instant Success 2000." Once I downloaded the trial version and gave it a try, I knew I was hooked. It was so easy to learn using the website tutorial and so much fun to work with that it didn't take any time at all to get up to speed. I love this program!

“In addition to the quality of the software, I really want to commend you on your outstanding customer service, from the first call to ask about the software to the last email to resolve a scanner issue, it was outstanding. Michael Wilk was great, he never missed a beat. He's a really neat person to work with.

“I have 20+ years of design and teaching experience (not to mention 25 years of drawing and drafting the old fashioned way)! And I'm convinced that Glass Eye 2000 will become the cornerstone of design, teaching and client presentation for my studio. It's fun, easy to learn and work with, has great design and glass libraries, and customer service that can't be beat.

“Dragonfly and Glass Eye 2000 — the benchmark for quality all the way around. Thanks for making the art of stained glass design a whole lot easier, and, by the way, did I tell you that I loved this program!”

Sandy McKenney of McKenney Art Glass in Southington, Connecticut

“After I first discovered Glass Eye 2000, I downloaded the trial version. Within minutes I had drawn a simple flower. Within an hour I had drawn several images and made my buy decision. It was the greatest drawing tool I had ever used. I had tried MacDraw, Corel Draw (which is what I was using before), CAD II, and even AutoCAD. In comparison, Glass Eye 2000 was simple and intuitive. It allowed me to focus on my design, not the mechanics of drawing. My hat is off to you on this one. You have done a superb job of defining and executing the features in this CAD package. My answer to other artists is now simple: don't even think about it. Just buy the Glass Eye 2000 and GO!”

Joseph Bremmer in Lomita, California

“As a designer for 12 years, I've used many software drawing programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and more). All of them involve a rather difficult learning curve to become proficient in their use. Glass Eye 2000 is easy to install and so intuitive to use that I was able to begin a project within ten minutes after installation. Among many things, I find the "Properties" function is especially helpful regarding materials usage, construction cost and pricing. Thank you for a wonderful software package. Now, all I have to do is add my imagination. You've thought of everything else!”

Katherine Bell of Bell Graphics in Jacksonville, Florida

“Glass Eye 2000 is an answer to all prayers. Being able to do patterns and to match glass on a pattern sure makes things quite a snap. The incremental upgrades that have come about install-with-ease and the new glass samples are really good. Stained glass always seemed to be quite a chore until I happened upon this program and it was well worth the money to invest in. Keep up the outstanding work!”

Mike Kline of Mike Kline's Stained Glass Studio in Clifton, Colorado

“Dragonfly customer service has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Your timely responses and personal one-on-one care has been a breath of fresh air. Your company truly lives up to the pride in ownership that seems to be lost with most online companies. I have great respect and confidence in you and your products. Thank you once again for all your help.”

Cheryl Hall of Glasworx in Bradenton, Florida

“We bought the Professional Plus Edition and it has been truly awesome. It paid for itself by using it on only one design for Alberta's centennial this year. The panel is in the shape of the province, with an Alberta rose in the centre. Now that it's on display we can't keep up with the orders. Thanks, Dragonfly! Glass Eye 2000 is truly great. We are in our mid 60's and design with it daily. In addition to the Dragonfly patterns, the Glass Eye 2000 patterns from Paned Expressions make this software the only one to have in a stained glass studio.”

Bob and Flory Wilkins in Alberta, Canada

“I've been using The Glass Eye for three years now, and about six months ago upgraded to Glass Eye 2000. It was well worth it, especially the enhanced glass representations from the glass manufacturers' images. I converted one of my old patterns and was just in awe with the way my design sprang to life. I find this feature really helpful when showing clients/students what their project will eventually look like. It gives them the opportunity to grasp what a difference the selection of colour makes. Besides designing custom work, I also teach stained glass. Your software has been invaluable in helping me develop patterns for beginners. I save a lot of time using the Import Background feature, which allows me to trace an existing picture quickly and then modify it to match the student's competence/confidence level. Being able to resize patterns or parts thereof is also a BIG plus, as are the programme's costing options. You have a great software product which is easy to learn and use, backed up by reliable, friendly and fast customer service. What a nice and all too rare combination!”

Jackie MacDonald of L'Artisan Glass Works & Decor in Ontario, Canada

“We are bevel cluster and art glass panel manufacturers for over 15 years and have been looking for software that can help us design bevel clusters and art glass panels. Other programs we have are great for production specifications but not that easy to use nor effective in designing. Luckily, one of our customers suggested Glass Eye 2000. We tried the demo to create our new designs and were amazed with the results. Our new bevel cluster designs are quite intricate and consist of many bevel pieces (some designs have over 100 bevels) but with Glass Eye 2000 it was easy and fun to do. We decided to purchase Profession Plus Edition right away.”

Vincent Kan of Glassmate in Addison, Illinois

“I recently purchased Glass Eye 2000 and am very happy with it. It's great and is saving me lots of time. It's everything any stained glass artisan could want. I love the idea of being able to scan my wildlife photos and make them into stained glass projects. It's also very helpful to be able to enlarge and calculate materials and $ and to number each piece. I give your product a thumbs up and will recommend it to as many people as I can.”

Al Kalas of True North Stained Glass Design in British Columbia, Canada

“I love this program! I have not picked up a pencil and paper to draw a design since I started using the The Glass Eye over a year ago. And, with the addition of glass samples in Glass Eye 2000, I can give my customers a much more realistic depiction of the design on a single sheet of paper. This program is so easy to use that I removed American Bevel's "Designer" from my computer after one day of using The Glass Eye. And, the personal customer service is outstanding. My one problem was addressed immediately, taken seriously, corrected, and replied to by the company owner himself.”

Kathy Juron of Black Stump Stained Glass in Weems, Virginia

Glass Eye 2000 is an indispensable part of my business! As the owner of a studio that does only commissioned work, the "see before you buy" feature has enabled me to nearly double my annual sales. Also, time between initial customer consultation and a signed contract has been substantially reduced. With the use of my laptop and a digital projector, my customers and I can explore glass alternative selections almost instantly. Furthermore, the use of a projector enables the customer to see an accurate rendition of the final product in its intended location. This capability worked particularly well during the design stages of two church commissions currently in progress.”

Dimitri P. Gruszka of Prism Effects in King George, Virginia

“I bought The Glass Eye about two years ago just as I was getting ready to retire from a position as Systems Manager for CADD equipment (Computer Aided Design and Drafting). As a Systems Manager, I had more than fifteen years of experience managing, drawing, and teaching CADD in two different companies. I had been designing and drawing stained glass layouts using a variety of drawing packages. I have been working with stained glass for almost thirty years and have been selling my work, seriously, for about four years.

“With The Glass Eye, I was amazed at how quickly I could put a design together. I was able to easily put any type of picture (or piece of a picture) into a bitmap background, draw the lead/foil lines over it to create my stained glass drawing, then scale it to the size I wanted, and print out my patterns. This was a simple, quick way to create my own custom designs. I used The Glass Eye for about a year and a half, until Glass Eye 2000 became available.

“As soon as I read about the new features, I was ready to purchase the Professional Version without even trying it. But, I downloaded the trial version. After just a few days, I ordered the Professional Version. I was happy with The Glass Eye. I am ecstatic with Glass Eye 2000.

“The best new feature, in my opinion, is the glass library. With it, I can choose manufactures' colors (with catalog number) and paint my design with streakies, waterglass, textures, etc. I have actual glass samples which I purchased from the glass manufacturers and the library takes a lot of guesswork out of how the glass will actually look in the finished project. I also like the new text writing feature and the fact that the individual pieces of glass in my design are numbered for me. To be able to email a drawing (in .JPG or other format) to a customer is a definite plus. And to be able to pull a picture into the background in a format other than bitmap (such as .JPG or from my scanner or digital camera) saves a lot of manipulation of file types.

Glass Eye 2000 is a very professional, easy to use, product and is essential for anyone interested in doing serious design work. Because it is designed specifically for stained glass use, it is far superior to any other drawing software package. Whoever designed it really did their homework!

“I teach beginner's stained glass in an adult education course and highly recommend Glass Eye 2000 (the Standard and Professional versions) to all of my students as a potential future tool for them to purchase.”

Edna Sandock of Sunny Sandock Stained Glass in Littleton, Massachusetts

“I have the Professional Edition and can't believe how much this software has helped in my design work. I find it very user friendly, an exceptionally fun and useful tool for creating designs in a short period of time with instant results thanks to all the different effects. It's exciting to watch my designs come alive when the glass colors and textures are added. I wonder how I ever got along without it. What used to take me days is now done in a few hours. One of the nicest features (of the many) is once my drawing is complete and I add the color and glass texture I am able to present to my client a very professional looking presentation. Another big big plus is that if any changes are to be made they are done in minutes. You truly do make a quality and useful program for us stained glass people. Keep up the good work.”

Jerry Waier of Pinehaven Stained Glass in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

“I have used your software for several years in my studio. It is without peer in stained glass software. I started out using it without reading the tutorial and it is really easy to learn and is very user friendly. I have really enjoyed your newly released Glass Eye 2000. It makes presenting a design look very professional, since now you can add the glass colors and textures from the main glass vendors. I feel this is one product no glass studio should be without!! It cuts pattern making time way down and resizing or changing colors in a design is a snap. Thank you for your product and keep up the good work.”

Nancy Weiss of Twin Lakes Art Glass in Rockwell City, Iowa

“I commend you for not only a very fine, dare I say excellent product, but for outstanding technical support as well. This product is easy to use once mastered but the support is beyond compare. I love this product. It's versatile and fun to use and comes with an amazing variety of projects to build that you can easily modify to suit your needs. I love it.”

Christopher Meyer in Norwich, Connecticut

“I've been doing the tutorial for a couple of hours now and I'm blown away. This is probably one of the most user-friendly, best-written and most well thought-out tutorials I've ever used. I appreciate the way that you write as though you're sitting here talking with me. I don't feel intimidated, and I don't feel insulted. That's pretty cool. I wish you guys could write the tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator (smile). Whoever engineers your tutorials is obviously a real "person's person!" I can barely wait to get done with the tutorial so can start designing my own windows. Thus far, I believe that you folks have thought of every possible problem and solution. Thanks for your time and efforts. I have no doubt that this program is going to greatly increase my profit margin. Thanks for such a great program.”

Pam Biagi of Glass Impressions in Kennesaw, Georgia

“The piece numbering function and glass library features added in the 2000 edition are wonderful improvements. I'll buy a license for the next upgrade whenever it comes out if this upgrade is indicative of the level of improvement that you add to your software.”

Stuart Chai in Warr Acres, Oklahoma

“I use Glass Eye 2000 nearly every day. I use a lot of flowers in my stained glass items and like to use pictures of real flowers for my patterns. Using Glass Eye 2000 it is very simple to convert the picture to a pattern. Resizing is a snap. Tech support has been wonderful and the online tutorial is easy to use and very informative.”

Randall Lavy in Uniontown, Ohio

“I have been working in stained glass for about seven years. Most of my work is from original drawings and/or adaptations of patterns. When I first experienced The Glass Eye I was impressed with how easily I could make lines for glass, then change them around with the click of a mouse. With Glass Eye 2000 I really enjoy being able to put actual glass in the design and fiddle around with all the colors. Working with clients on designs is quite easy. I can email them a design and if they suggest changes I can quickly rework the design and send them the new ideas. This builds confidence between myself and the client, who likes to see exactly what he or she is getting. With a scanner, the possibilities for design become endless and effortless! I have enjoyed learning the many features of this program and find that my design skills have greatly improved by using Glass Eye!! Oh, one more thing. The customer service I have received has been outstanding. Thank you for an excellent product.”

Edith Renick of House of Joy Art Glass in Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Excellent work! I find Glass Eye 2000 very easy to use, very intuitive and very powerful. I have tons of experience using CAD programs and yours is at the top of my list for ease of use.”

Brent Beebe in Tualatin, Oregon

Glass Eye 2000 is an excellent drawing aid for stained glass. Artistic planning and workshop tasks are also easier when colors can be seen before and the heart thickness gives exact glass and came positions.”

Tapani Ojasti in Vantaa, Finland

“This has got to be one of the most fun programs I have ever used. It has opened up a world of talents I never knew I had.”

Reb Blower in Venice, Florida

Glass Eye 2000 is super. It's capabilities and ease of use are amazing. The User's Guide is easy reading, and totally complete. I only needed help from online support twice, but when I did, I received answers promptly. I have the Professional Edition and highly recommend it.”

Peter Ruplinger in Bountiful, Utah

Below you can read what customers said about our original stained glass design product "The Glass Eye" that came out in 1996.

“I've used various drawing software (Corel, CrickDraw, Illustrator, and more) but The Glass Eye truly makes designing stained glass almost effortless. The only thing the designer adds is his/her imagination! The "reflect" feature cuts the most time from my design work. To be able to mirror pattern ideas precisely is essential and your software does it so well! The Glass Eye gives me a clean, professional presentation that really impresses clients. We offer custom design work and to be able to give it back for review in a matter of days (sometimes hours) is a business advantage that lends credibility and professionalism to my studio.”

Mike Selvig of Studio 4 GlassWerks in West Chester, Pennsylvania

“I thought I would just drop you a line to say how impressed I am with your software. I have been using it now for a little over three months and have been astounded how easy it makes the design process. I have found the mirroring feature particularly useful, as I used to have to do this with tracing paper.”

Gary Kennington of Studio 39 in Devon, England

“I just installed The Glass Eye and tried it out and I wanted to tell you how much I love this program! It makes designing and drawing so much easier. After I looked at the tutorial, I jumped in with both feet and designed a large window (46" x 73"). I was able to do this in a matter of hours instead of days. I would probably have still been erasing and redrawing next week, but now I am ready for my customer to approve the design. I also saved money on erasers! Again, thanks for developing such a great program for glass crafters everywhere!”

Diane Milligan of Art in Glass in Kingston, Oklahoma

“I just wanted to add my voice to those happy users of The Glass Eye. I have been using the program for approximately a year and could not be happier. I specialize in larger panels and the program has lent itself extremely well to my needs. I strongly recommend it.”

Ralph Cripps in Huron, Ohio

“First I would like to say how wonderful your software is. Before The Glass Eye, I had to find a pattern or patterns from a book and play with copy machines and cutting/pasting to come up with the right size and look that I wanted. Then I spent an incredible amount of time trying to correct and edit with a pencil. After I installed your software, I was designing in less than an hour. The tracing feature over a bitmap is worth the cost of the software five times over! Now when I see a picture in a magazine, on a greeting card or in a photo, I scan it in with a simple desktop scanner and then trace over the part that I want. I loved working with stained glass before but agonized over the design stage. Now I do designs just for the heck of it when I don't have time to work on the actual glass. I'm even gearing up to start making pieces to sell professionally because your software is such a great tool. I can't rave enough about the software.”

Jenni Wicks in Concho, Arizona

“Many blessings be upon you! I wish more companies were as easy to work with as you are. Thanks for a great product and exceptional support!”

James Bongard of Shadowlawn Studio in Seaford, Delaware

“I have gotten my software working, and it is GREAT. This is the best program I have used to date. Thanks for your help, and again this program is fun to use. I find myself just playing with designs to find out what it will do.”

Bill Schinella of Custom Stained Glass in Concord, New Hampshire

“Using The Glass Eye I am able to draw designs in half the time it would take in Corel. Your program is straight and to the point and that's good. I really like the way you did your user's guide. It and the program are very user friendly. As I worked through it I kept finding myself saying "WOW" or "that's cool". You've got a real winner.”

Marge Bougas of Starfire Glassworks Studio in Vallejo, California

“I've done more designing with The Glass Eye in the past several weeks than I've done in all the years I've been in glass! I've been impressed with the speed, efficiency, and overall helpfulness of the staff at Dragonfly in answering any and all of my questions. Believe me, I've certainly passed the word on about the program. Couldn't be more pleased!”

Carolyn Noel of Carolyn's Creations in West Manchester, Ohio

“I have played with The Glass Eye all weekend and I want to say how impressed I am with the program. It seems to do everything that it says that it is supposed to do and I can tell that I will have hours of fun designing stained glass projects. Thank you for all of your assistance over the phone. It has to have been the best tech support that I have gotten in a long time.”

Bill Smith of S&S Studios in East Wenatchee, Washington

“Thank you for cutting my design time by 2/3rds! This is finally a program written exclusively for the stained glass designer and not something trying to fit another manufacturer's CAD program.”

Martha Hanson of Paned Expressions Studios in Edgewood, Maryland

“Dragonfly has done what the others couldn't; they've created a CAD program that actually is easy to use and does what it says! I have tried (and own) three other CAD programs and none were as easy and fast to learn as The Glass Eye. Customer service has been exceptional and Dragonfly is a company to be modeled for integrity and quality. I couldn't be happier! THANK YOU!!!!!”

Jim Marchman of Stained Glass Repair Co. in Marietta, Georgia

“I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed working with The Glass Eye. I just love it!! I've worked with some programs out there that made you think the programmers didn't have the end user in mind. I have recommended your site and your product a dozen times over to others who enjoy working with stained glass. When I show them what I've done they just marvel and get excited to try it themselves.”

Dorothy Weir in Binghamton, New York

“I love The Glass Eye and would highly recommend it. The tutorial is very easy to follow. The program is designed so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to use it. Its application to stained glass is the best I've found. The company is prompt in responding to questions and is there for technical support. The user's guide is very good and software user friendly.”

April Paine of Victorian Greenhouse in Waynesville, North Carolina

“Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your software. I downloaded the bevel software and it worked wonderfully. When I made a panel for my daughter for a Christmas gift, I added 1" and 4" bevels to the design and could really get a good idea of what it would look like. As I picked out colors I would go to the computer and put that same color (as close as possible) into my design and could see exactly what it would look like. The panel turned out beautiful and I really believe the process with the software helped tremendously on color selection. Thanks a million!!!”

Janet Ryker in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

“What can I say? Ordered on Tuesday and delivered to my home in Scotland on Saturday morning. A terrific service and a marvelous product.”

Alan Leitch in Glasgow, Scotland

“I received The Glass Eye in the mail on Monday, and I just wanted to let you know it works great. I was in the process of doing a window that measures 71" x 13" and was having a difficult time getting the pattern made from a picture I had scanned. I tried blowing it up at work on the copy machine but was losing half of the picture. I even tried going to a local print shop but they told me the same thing that when they enlarge, the enlargement is proportional to the length and the width enlarges proportionally to the length and most of the picture is lost. Well, The Glass Eye was really a lifesaver. I was able to trace the whole scanned picture and then print it out in exactly in the measurements I needed and it came out exactly what I was looking for. You have a wonderful product here and I am excited about doing future designs.”

Ken Pearson in Monroe Center, Illinois

“Thank you for your great service. I look forward to doing more business with you and have recommended you to others.”

Jerry Smith in DeKalb, Illinois

“I use "The Glass Eye" in Windows 95. Among other things, I have used it to design a 4' x 7' church window. I highly recommend the program and have found their tech support to be super! Michael Wilk has always answered questions very promptly.”

Larry Kegley of Classy Glass and Gifts in Grenada, Mississippi

“I have tried all sorts of other CAD programmes on other peoples' systems, but never got to grip with any of them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually get my head round The Glass Eye. Dragonfly Software is excellent in providing "user guidance" and "after-sales guidance"; for communication they score 10 out of 10. Their prices are very reasonable. I have been impressed with Dragonfly.

Elisabeth Roberg of North Lights in Hertfordshire, England

“WOW! I am so impressed, and am so very glad I purchased The Glass Eye. It does everything you said it would. I am also pleased with the prompt response time to phone calls concerning questions with the software. I am spreading the word to all my fellow stained glass artist/designer friends who are currently attempting to design panels on other CAD software.”

Bonnie Reeves Evans in Port Neches, Texas

“Thanks for sending me your software in such a short time. I mailed my check on Saturday and had your software on Wednesday.”

Monty Ruth in Silverado, California

“I'm having a blast working with The Glass Eye.

Gordy Griesmann in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“I received my copy of the software today, and have spent most of this evening importing a picture and indeed using the tools to draw over it. This is by far the easiest drawing package I've ever used. I wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the extremely speedy response to my faxed order and how user friendly the software is. Many thanks for a wonderful product and very good service.”

Shirley Saunders in Oakland, California

“Your software is the easiest to work with that I have ever used in regard to CAD type of materials and I am sure the time and effort you have put into the modifications will be a great enhancement to an already near-perfect product.”

George Taylor of S. G. Enterprises in Columbus, Texas

“Using the program is about the most exciting thing I have done since I started doing stained glass!”

Ann Halleen in Fairbanks, Alaska

“I have been using The Glass Eye for just over a year and would like to say how invaluable it has become, as well as a pleasure to use.”

Stuart Wakeham in West Sussex, England

“I am at present going through the lessons in the book and am enjoying every minute of it.”

Josephine Bienvenu in El Paso, Texas