Pattern Gallery

Here are a few examples of designs created with Glass Eye 2000.

  • Lion Portrait

    Lion Portrait  •  Paned Expressions Studios

  • Daisies

    Daisies  •  J. B. Foster

  • Quilted Glass

    Quilted Glass  •  Jim Kervin

  • Oriental Spring

    Oriental Spring  •  Kathy Iles

  • Hibiscus

    Hibiscus  •  Gloria Weiss

  • Garden Window

    Garden Window  •  Terry Bell

  • Macaw

    Macaw  •  Merry Morrison

  • Elephant at Kilimanjaro

    Elephant at Kilimanjaro  •  Paned Expressions Studios

  • Essen Monastery

    This design is modeled after Alfred Manessier's window
    in the crypt of the Essen Monastery, Germany.
    Note how Glass Eye 2000 can be used to design dalle de verre.

  • Lake Geneva Tulip Window

    Lake Geneva Tulip Window  •  Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Adoration

    Adoration  •  Leslie Merritt

  • African Jesus

    African Jesus  •  Fanus Boshoff