Glass Eye 2000 Version History

These are the updates made to Glass Eye 2000 since its original release on June 6, 2001.

  • Version 3.1c  (December 30, 2014)

    • The 2014 glass image library update is available for all editions. See the June 1, 2014 update below for details. The glass library is available on CD only.
    • Over 50 new patterns added to the free pattern collection included with every edition.
    • Glass Eye 2000 is no longer installed in the Windows "Program Files" folder but is installed into a folder directly off the user's primary hard drive.
  • Enterprise Edition update  (June 1, 2014)

    • Full Windows 8 support
    • "Anchor" feature added to Resize command
    • Bug fixes for "Save As" dialog and language menu
    • Improved accuracy when plotting piece labels
    • Glass image library updates, for a total of over 3700 glass images:
      • Armstrong: 9 new images, 25 improved images
      • Bullseye: 81 new images
      • Kokomo: 19 new images
      • Lamberts: 300 new images, 70 improved images
      • Spectrum: 8 new images
      • Uroboros: 34 new images
      • Wissmach: 29 new images
      • Youghiogheny: 22 new images

    The Enterprise Edition version 3.3 update is available on CD only.

  • Windows 8 patch  (February 15, 2013)

    A patch was created to address issues related to Windows 8.

  • Version 3.1b  (January 1, 2012)

    Enterprise Edition:

    • Automatically installs generic print driver for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and beyond
    • Updated dongle driver
    • Glass library updates as shown below

    Glass library updates (available on CD only) for a total of over 3200 glass images:

    • Armstrong: 18 new images
    • Bullseye: 6 new images
    • Kokomo: 271 new images
    • Spectrum: 2 new images
    • Uroboros: 180 new images
    • Wissmach: 13 new images
  • Version 3.1a  (October 17, 2009)

    Enterprise Edition: support for Creation cutters/plotters

    Glass library update:

    • Armstrong: 3 new images
    • Bullseye: 62 new images
    • Kokomo: 4 new images
    • Lamberts: 83 new images
    • Spectrum: 60 new images
    • Uroboros: 129 new images
    • Wissmach: 4 new images
    • Youghiogheny: 13 new images

    Additionally, some images for discontinued glass products have been removed from our library

  • Version 3.1  (January 15, 2007)

    New features:

    • Software now operates in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian
    • Greatly improved on-screen rendering of lines, knots, and text
    • Menu and hot key customizations now available in all editions
    • Glass images in designs can be reflected to hide seams if the images need to repeat
    • Print preview now displays glass images
    • Faster printing
    • Design browsing can be extended beyond the Glass Eye 2000 folder; for example, to external hard drives
    • Piece labels can be aligned with glass direction (Professional Edition and higher)
    • Glass transparency controls (Professional Plus and Enterprise editions)
    • Glass images in designs can now be moved and rotated (Professional Plus and Enterprise editions)

    Glass library updates:

    • Armstrong: 24 new Float Fire 82 images and 1 improved image
    • Bullseye: 24 new images and 4 improved images (16 retired images)
    • Gecko: 1 improved image
    • Kokomo: 2 improved images
    • Lamberts: new manufacturer with 166 images
    • Spectrum: 30 new images including new Opal Art and Spirit lines and 1 improved image
    • Uroboros: 5 new images (4 retired images)
    • Wissmach: 23 images in new Mystic Cathedral line
    • Youghiogheny: 44 new images including new Easy Fuse line

    Due to these advanced features, Glass Eye 2000 is no longer supported for Windows 95. If you have Glass Eye 2000 running on a Windows 95 computer, you cannot upgrade.

  • Enterprise Edition  (November 6, 2005)

    The Enterprise Edition is released, becoming the fourth and highest level of functionality. It provides:

    • Communication with plotters and cutters
    • Bursting a design into separate pieces
    • Nesting pieces by color onto pages
    • Exporting in DXF/DWG/EMF/WMF formats
    • Offset contour drawing
  • Version 3.0  (September 25, 2005)

    Standard Edition updates:

    • Select Similar Lines command to select all lines that match a set of criteria
    • Ability to park your product license on the Dragonfly Software server; makes transfers a snap
    • Reverse printing reverses text (unavailable on Windows 95, 98, and Me)
    • Customizable mouse wheel behavior for scrolling or zooming
    • Customizable zoom factor
    • Erase command for removing lines, text, and knots easily using your mouse
    • GIF file support
    • Fixed problem with printing to very large paper
    • Runs on limited (non-administrative) accounts

    Professional Edition updates include all of the above plus:

    • U-came borders
    • Repeat command to make multiple copies of a design element
    • Part names can be used for unassigned color codes
    • Show scale factor on printouts
    • Select All Text command

    Professional Plus Edition updates include all of the above plus:

    • Importing of designs done in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, etc.
    • Customizable hot keys for quick access to favorite features

    Renamed commands:

    • "Dimension" now called "Resize"
    • "Import Background" now called "Add Background"
    • "Offset" now called "Move"
    • "Customize Shortcut Menu" now called "Customize Menus and Hot Keys"

    Glass library updates:

    • Armstrong: 5 new images
    • Bullseye: 32 new images
    • Casimir/Gecko: entire catalog revised
    • Spectrum: 12 new images
    • Uroboros: entire catalog revised, plus 17 new images
    • Wissmach: entire catalog revised, plus 237 new images
  • Version 2.2  (July 5, 2004)

    New features:

    • AutoTrace Text command for converting text into design lines (Pro Plus Edition)
    • On-screen measurement feedback and keyboard entry for line and shape drawing (Pro Plus Edition)
    • Auto-orientation setting that automatically chooses portrait or landscape printing, whichever uses paper more efficiently (Professional and Pro Plus Editions)
    • Printer calibration tool to compensate for inaccuracies with your printer or printer driver (Professional and Pro Plus Editions)
    • DXF export saves line thickness as "pen width" attribute and exports entities in design measurement units (Professional and Pro Plus Editions)
    • Properties command adds pages for came usage and miscellaneous items
    • Separate user-defined units and precision for glass usage and for came/foil usage
    • Brightness and contrast controls added to Background Properties
    • Choice of single-line or double-line crosshairs
    • Page Setup displays number of pages required for printing
    • Easier line selection when knots display turned off
    • Thicker grid lines can be shown at regular intervals to make line counting easier
    • Suggest command remembers last settings after program closed
    • Glass manufacturer choices in Color Selector remembered after program closed
    • Holding down the Ctrl key while zooming gives you finer control
    • Installer places Glass Eye 2000 group on Windows "All Programs" menu

    New glass images added, bringing total library to over 2300 glass samples:

    • 15 new images from Spectrum
    • 45 new and 3 improved images from Armstrong, including their new Float Fire 82 ? line
  • Version 2.1  (February 8, 2004)

    • Addition of complete Gecko and Casimir glass lines (348 glass images) from Houston GlassCraft Supply
    • 17 new images from Spectrum
    • 43 new and 14 improved images from Youghiogheny
    • 16 new images and 13 improved images from Bullseye
    • 11 new Spectrum specialty patterns, 38 new CKE patterns and 10 new Paned Expressions patterns
  • Version 2.0  (July 12, 2003)

    Professional Plus Edition introduced! Includes all Professional Edition features plus:

    • AutoTrace Background feature to automatically convert a scanned or imported image to a Glass Eye 2000 design
    • Shortcut menus (mouse right-click menus) can be customized with any Glass Eye 2000 commands

    Professional Edition repackaged to include these features (requires upgrade for Professional Edition versions purchased before July 12, 2003):

    • Lamp Wizard interactive 3D lamp modeling tool
    • Fractions as well as decimal values can be entered and displayed
    • Print-to-scale option
    • Selected design elements can be exported or printed
    • Design properties can be calculated for selected lines
    • Color codes can be assigned on a global as well as a per-design basis

    New glass images:

    • 11 new and 1 improved image from Spectrum
    • 8 new and 1 corrected image from Armstrong
    • 1 new image from Kokomo
    • 18 new and 5 improved images from Uroboros
    • 18 new and 5 improved images from Wissmach

    New features:

    • Uroboros: improved scaling of all images; replaced Hand-Rolled Smooth images with Double-Rolled Smooth images
    • New Straighten command snaps lines to horizontal or vertical and straightens "wobbly" lines
    • New Rotate mode allows for interactive rotation of design or selection with the mouse or arrow keys
    • Crop and erase options for Background Properties allows the editing of background images
    • Additional Print options: printout can include date/time or filename; high-resolution glass option
    • Grid can be printed with design
    • Millimeters can now be used for display units
    • Display precision now supports decimal values
    • Shapes can be drawn as grouped entities
    • Individual lines can be included/excluded in Construction Cost calculations
    • Individual lines can be included/excluded when Suggest looks for design flaws
    • Option for applying line properties to current lines and default line properties in a single command
    • Scale command now uses percentages for scale factors
    • Color name displayed when mouse pointer hovers over colored piece in Color mode/li>
    • Improved text scaling
    • Improved printing logic fixes issues with printing extremely long lines, huge print jobs, and improper page cropping
    • Properties command: Cost and scrap factor calculations update correctly; changing display units will not change computed price
    • Extra consistency with the placement of piece numbers
    • Mouse wheel scrolling moves vertical ruler
    • Design Browser navigates to Dragonfly Software online pattern store for additional patterns
    • Zoom with mouse wheel
  • Version 1.8  (August 31, 2002)

    • New glass images: 36 "Oceana" images from Youghiogheny, 31 from Armstrong, and 6 from Spectrum
    • Pasting bitmaps from the clipboard now preserves aspect ratio of image
  • Version 1.7  (July 21, 2002)

    • Eleven new "SilverCoat" images from Spectrum
    • New glass image descriptions from Spectrum and Uroboros
    • Glass keyword search now insensitive to hyphens
    • DPI modification during Export will change pixel dimensions and preserve print size
    • Default palette in the Professional Edition now shows ten Spectrum colors instead of solid colors
    • Maximum number of knots per line increased to 100. Better feedback given when limit is exceeded.
    • Remembers folders used for Open, Save As, Insert, Import, and Export operations
  • Version 1.6  (April 29, 2002)

    • Improved how glass manufacturers are displayed in the Color Selector.
    • Virtually all Bullseye glass images replaced with improved scans.
    • Added glass samples: 23 from Armstrong, 9 from Uroboros, and 1 from Bullseye.
  • Version 1.5  (March 14, 2002)

    • Replaced a faulty component that had caused v1.4 to fail on a few computer configurations.
    • The Import and Acquire commands now bring in a background image at its actual size rather than at an arbitrary size. The image is also centered within the view instead of placed with its bottom left corner at the ruler origin.
    • The widths of new glass and texture images that you add are now determined by the file itself rather than defaulting to ten inches. You may override this value as before.
    • Two shortcut keys have been added: Ctrl+G for "Group" and Ctrl+U for "Ungroup."
    • The Help system has been amended to reflect the changes in this release.
  • Version 1.4  (February 23, 2002)

    • The "Acquire" function now works properly for all brands of scanner.
    • Added about 100 new patterns from the "Pattern of the Month" collection from Spectrum Glass.
  • Version 1.3  (February 11, 2002)

    • Color buttons with textured color now work properly on Windows XP.
    • DXF export now works with versions R13 and R14 of AutoCAD.
  • Version 1.2  (December 16, 2001)

    • Added Wissmach to our list of glass manufacturers. We now have 244 samples fully annotated and categorized.
    • Spectrum had originally calculated their samples at 24 inches wide, but later realized they were actually most often 6 inches wide. This version will automatically correct your Spectrum glass library sizes the first time you run it. You'll also get their new glass, CZ100, and some improved images.
    • When opening a design created by someone with a different glass library from yours, we now tell you the exact names of any missing glass or textures. This feature is enabled only when you have the full glass library installed.
    • The Suggest command has been enhanced to allow you to select the design problems you wish to find.
    • The Offset command now operates better for some cases, such as when a single knot is selected.
    • Numeric controls in the Custom Line Color Selector now work correctly.
    • The Help system has been enhanced with improvements and clarifications.
    • Product registration is now compatible with very old versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Version 1.1  (August 28, 2001)

    • Redesigned the registration system to make it easier to use.
    • Minor bug fixes.