I have installed Glass Eye 2000 on my new computer, but it's not working the same as it did on my old computer. How can I get it to work the way I'm used to?

To run Glass Eye 2000 on a new computer, follow the steps below. You may not need to perform each step if you do not need that feature on your new computer.


It's best if you can install Glass Eye 2000 from a CD as you will then have all software components. Best of all is to use a CD that contains our latest version. If you have more than one CD, install from the one with the latest version number. You never need to install from more than one CD. If you don't have a CD, you may purchase one. After installing, use the "Do I Have the Latest Version?" command on the Help menu to check for updates.

Alternatively, you may download and install Glass Eye 2000 from our website, but you won't have the complete glass image library as that exists on CD only. For Standard Edition users, who don't have access to the glass image library, downloading is sufficient to provide a full installation.

DO NOT attempt to install our software by copying program files from an old computer to a new one. Our installer does much more than copy files, and if you don't install properly then your software simply will not run.


If you have a product license, move it to your new computer.

Design files

To put your design files (.eye files) on your new computer you'll have to move them there manually. To do this, you must know how to copy files from your old computer and paste them into your new one. Your method for doing this depends on the hardware you have, and would typically require that you copy files to a CD, to a thumb drive, to a network location, or you can even send them as an email attachment. Consult your local computer expert if you need help with this.

You will also need to know where you've stored your design files. The default location is here:

    C:\Dragonfly\Glass Eye 2000\My designs 1

As you might have stored your designs to a different folder, only you can know where to find them.

Glass library

If you have not installed from our latest CD, you are probably missing the most recent glass library updates. If you would like to have them, you may purchase one.

Glass library customizations

On your old computer you might have customized the glass image library, either by changing descriptions, adding prices, adding global color codes, or by adding or deleting images. You can, with a little effort, move these customizations to your new computer. If you have not customized your library you may skip this step.

The method is similar to moving your design files (see above) but in this case we know exactly where the necessary files are located. The library is very large, however, so do not attempt to write it to a diskette.

Start by closing Glass Eye 2000 on both computers. On the new computer, use Windows to navigate to your Glass Eye 2000 folder. Typically, the folder is here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragonfly\Glass Eye 2000 1

Within that folder is a folder named "Glass". Delete that folder.

Now on your old computer, navigate to your Glass Eye 2000 folder. Copy the Glass folder, including all subfolders, and paste it into the same location on your new computer.


Glass Eye 2000 permanently remembers many of your design preferences. For example, if the last polygon you drew had five sides, then you'll see "5" as the default next time you draw a polygon. There is no way to transfer these settings to the new computer, but as you use the software your preferences will be remembered as you specify them again.

1 If you don't have a "C:\Dragonfly" folder, look for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragonfly" (or something similar).