I upgraded to Windows 11 (or made a major system change) and now I'm getting a licensing error. What should I do?

This problem is most often caused by running an old version of Glass Eye 2000. Unless you are 100% sure that you have it already, go here to download our latest version. Then try running Glass Eye 2000 again.

Before making major system changes, you can preserve your product license by using our "Park License on Server" command. Doing so might prevent downtime and the need to contact customer support. It takes only a few seconds to park a license. Consult the Glass Eye 2000 help system for details on this feature.

If you are unable to use the latest version of Glass Eye 2000 due to a licensing error, please contact technical support for a solution. Include the complete text of any messages you are seeing. We will do our best to get you going again. Due to piracy concerns, there is a lifetime limit of five license recoveries per customer, so please take the necessary precautions for preserving your license. These include parking your license before making major system changes (as mentioned above) and installing anti-virus software for your computer.