Can I install your software on multiple computers?

Each Glass Eye 2000 license authorizes you to run on one computer at a time. If you wish to run the software on multiple computers simultaneously, please read our license policy.

We regret having to impose this restriction, but our first stained glass design system was pirated all over the world. Piracy is a big problem for the entire software industry. According to Microsoft Associate General Counsel Nancy Anderson, the software industry is losing nearly $12 billion annually to piracy. In the United States one in four software programs is pirated or illegally copied. The worldwide piracy rate is now 37%.

Please do not attempt to make illegal copies of our software, and discourage others from doing so. As you can see, we have worked very hard for years to bring you a superb product. Your respect for our copyright helps to assure that Dragonfly Software will continue to produce great software products in the years ahead.

For more information about software piracy and licensing, consult Microsoft's piracy website.