What are the differences between the different editions of Glass Eye 2000?

In short, the Standard Edition is targeted at stained glass hobbyists whereas the higher editions are targeted at serious amateurs and professionals. For many people the deciding factor is the handling of realistic glass effects. All editions support textured color, which allows you to pick any color and apply a texture to it. You can then use that textured color in your design. The Professional Edition goes even further to support actual glass images. We supply over 3700 images from ten manufacturers, and you can also add images of your own. The Professional Plus Edition adds even more features, including the ability to convert an imported or scanned line drawing to a Glass Eye 2000 design at the touch of a button.

The Enterprise Edition is intended for studios that want to drive plotting or cutting devices with Glass Eye 2000. Please read an overview of its features if you are interested.

There are many more features that distinguish the four editions. Click the link below for a detailed comparison.